Certified & Registered Yoga Alliance Teachers

Ashley Thesier, Founder

Ashley has over a decade of experience as a massage therapist and body worker. She graduated from the Cayce Reilly School of Massotherapy in Virginia Beach, Virginia in 2001. After graduation, she began her study of yoga at Inside Out Yoga in Norfolk, Virginia and earned her 200 hour level yoga teacher training certificate in 2002. Shortly after, Ashley began teaching yoga at the YMCA and at her father’s Chiropractic Clinic located in Virginia Beach. In 2004 she began her advanced 500 hour teacher training program and upon completion went on to teach yoga at the Jow Ga Kung Fu studio in Virginia Beach, the Westin Hotel in Beijing, China; the Ritz Carlton Hotel at Tyson’s Corner in Northern Virginia, and in private residences. Apart from being an E-RYT 500 with thousands of hours of yoga teaching experience, Ashley also holds a bachelor’s degree in Global Affairs from George Mason University and a master’s degree in International Relations from Troy University.

Tracy Steele Reid, Manager

Tracy grew up with an interest in movement; participating in dance, track and field and athletic training. While attending the University of Florida, she went searching for a method of exercise that would be enjoyable and discovered a Bikram yoga studio in Gainesville. She was surprised by the instant effect that yoga had on her life. Practicing yoga provided an inner strength and stillness that she had yet to experience off the mat. Upon graduation, she returned to Tampa and began to explore different studios and styles of yoga with a desire to deepen her practice. Tracy feels blessed to have had the opportunity to participate in Yoga Loft Tampa’s RYS 200 & 300 Hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training. She enjoyed learning more about the Yogic Philosophy and is grateful for the transformative power it has had on her outlook on yoga and life. Tracy’s intention in teaching is to share the sense of joy she has experienced from yoga and to help others cultivate their personal practice. She guides her students through dynamic and fluid sequencing that challenge the body physically, but allow for focus on the breath and clarity of the mind.

Alexandra Rose Nelson

Throughout the many stages of life, I’ve encountered random glimpses of the world of yoga. Yoga has always been there, and seemed to pop up in times when I needed it most. It was always there to bring peace and ease to my life when chaos took over. It wasn’t until 3 years ago, and the discovery of the Yoga Loft, that I finally understood why Yoga kept appearing. Yoga kept showing up to guide me onto the path where I belong; where I would meet others who would inspire my own yoga journey, and those who I could inspire and guide through their personal journeys. I am passionate about the practice of yoga, and all that it encompasses within. I am eager to share this love, with all who come my way. In obtaining my RYT 200 Certification with the Yoga Loft, my determination to share this knowledge grew. I gained a deep understanding of the practice as a whole, and I am determined to create a space where that knowledge can be shared with others in the community.

Allyson Diljohn

Allyson started her yoga journey initially as a means of spending time with her mother. As always, Mom was right, and Allyson quickly realized that yoga was an essential part of her life. To be sure yoga is a humbling practice but it continues to help Allyson maintain a balance between pushing limits and finding peace with limitations. Earning her 200 hour RYT at the Yoga Loft in Tampa under the tutelage of Ashley Thesier allowed Allyson to deepen her practice and begin to more fully understand the many ways in which yoga can open the mind, body, and spirit. Allyson considers herself an eternal student of the world and she holds degrees from Wake Forest University and the University of Pennsylvania. When not on her mat, Allyson spends time working with adolescents as a college counselor, crafting, and enjoying good food.

Amanda Hanson Dugan

 Amanda Hanson is a graduate of Yoga Loft’s 200 hour and 300 hour teacher training programs and has been practicing Hatha yoga since 2005. In her yoga classes, she teaches in a vinyasa flow style with emphasis on alignment through self-adjustment to prevent injury and increase body awareness. She has special interest in merging techniques from yoga with her speech-language pathology practice in medical settings to reduce pain and anxiety. As well as being a yogi, she is a musician with classical training in cello performance and an avid Francophile which may be reflected in her yoga playlists.

Ashley Humphries

Ashley was first introduced to yoga when she worked at the YMCA as a dance, tumbling, and swim instructor. Admittedly, she didn’t understand the depth of yoga at the time and was simply interested in learning difficult poses. After graduating with her Bachelor’s degree, Ashley stopped dancing and immersed herself into her graduate studies in anthropology. Recognizing the need to move her body and clear her mind, she sought out various forms of exercise, none of which stuck. Eventually, Ashley was reintroduced to yoga, where she was quickly captivated by the philosophy of yoga and its ability to help unlearn destructive thoughts and patterns, find a peaceful mind, and ultimately improve the relationship with the self. The scientist in her is excited by the numerous studies documenting the health benefits of yoga for the mind and the body. The anthropologist in her is motivated by the sense of community and the various ways in which people integrate yoga into their lives and make it their own. Ashley is excited to continue on her own transformative path, while guiding others to find theirs.

Dasha Prikhodko

When asked how her yoga journey started Dasha answers, “Yoga found me right when I needed it the most!” Traveling, living in Europe, and getting a Master’s degree in linguistics and sports background, eventually led Dasha to Florida where she discovered the magic of yoga that filled her heart and mind with love. She got her 200-hour Yoga Alliance Teacher Certification, not only to be able to share her love for yoga with others, but also to have a deeper understanding of the spiritual aspects and roots of the practice. Dasha is privileged to be able to teach. She enjoys leading people through their yoga practice, seeing how they sink deeper into every pose, and melt into their mats under her guidance. She encourages her students to build heat in their bodies and discover muscles that they didn’t even know existed. She is delighted to watch her students listen to her voice and smile in appreciation. She assists her students as they navigate through meditation and connect with their inner self! In her classes, Dasha breaks down the practice to accommodate students of any level, beginners through advanced. She encourages everyone to ignite the light within themselves and spread that light through the practice of yoga.

Doron Perelman

Doron attended the University of Florida where he received a B.S. in Chemical Engineering. Not wanting to be boxed into a cubicle for the rest of his career he chose a technical marketing career path, which took him all over the country. Many countless hours in automobiles traversing the American highway system and several car accidents later he found himself with a tweaked neck/upper spine and constant pain and discomfort. A funny thing happened on his way to realizing the ineffectual nature of modern medicine in curing physical ailments; he stumbled face first into the amazing discipline of yoga. Desperation for relief from pain drove him to attend his first yoga class making him overcome debilitating embarrassment and deep seeded reservations of yoga’s traditional feminine reputation. With the help of the highly talented instructors of the Yoga Loft in Tampa Doron fell madly in love with yoga’s profound and certain healing powers. While his relationship with yoga has been a short one, starting in late 2011, it has been a wildly passionate, intense, serene, and loyal union. In his fevered desire to deepen and expand his understanding of yoga and from whence it came he humbly participated in Yoga Loft Tampa’s RYS 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Program in 2013. The results of which fanned the flames of his hunger to learn even more and delve far far deeper into the rabbit hole of this ancient practice. Thus, he took the RYS 300 hour Yoga Teacher Training in 2016. He stands before you today completely free of the heavy shackles of upper back/neck pain and ready to spread the good word that you too can take full control of your own personal mental and physical healing one down dog at a time.

Lindsay Preston

As Lindsay likes to say, she is a “recovering athlete” on a journey of discovery, healing, and restoration of mind, body, and soul. After years of competitive sports, she was left with career ending knee injuries, as well as recurring joint pain. No longer able to compete as she did, she considered yoga as a way to stay fit, not knowing that yoga would end up changing not only her body, but revitalizing her whole way of life. After moving from her hometown in Kentucky to Nashville, Tennessee, she began to explore different styles of yoga and yogic philosophy. Seven years later, her perspective on how to live, breathe, and have fun have been influenced by the encompassing practice of yoga. Combining her love for athletics with her passion for kids, Lindsay fuses her Bachelors in Exercise Science, K-12 Physical Education certification, and Master of Science into an interactive, meaningful, life-filled experience. As a full time Physical Education teacher, she knows how to have a good time, and how to lighten the mood, pointing out, “There are so many demands on our time and spirit, but who has the energy to be weighed down all the time?” Lindsay invites you to “let that mess go”, take a deep breath, exhale in a laugh, and have some fun. “Hollaback y’all!

Marisa Iglesias

Marisa was first introduced to yoga as a dancer, aiming to heal and strengthen her body by utilizing fluidity and breath work. She works to help facilitate that growth in others while continuing her own exploration. Marisa began her yoga training with Luisa Meshekoff and completed her Yoga Alliance 500-RYT certification with Ashley Thesier and Anna Pittman. She received a Kriya Meditation Instructor certification under the instruction of Dr. Don Glassey. Her classes focus on breath, flexibility, and alignment while incorporating fluid movements and challenging sequences. Expect to sweat and feel rejuvenated.

Tara Laval

Tara is a 500-Hour Registered Yoga Instructor through Yoga Alliance, and a Certified Yoga Nidra Facilitator through the Amrit Institute and Yoga Alliance. She is particularly interested in slowing down, focusing on the present moment, and reducing stress. Her yoga classes are a mixture of movement and stillness, with an emphasis on the breath, foundation and safe alignment of the body. As a Yoga Nidra Facilitator, Tara guides her students through deep levels of relaxation in order to go beyond the chattering of the mind, and to heal and restore mind, body and soul. 

Sara Perez

Sara Perez has been teaching yoga for over 16 years and her teaching styles include Prenatal, Hatha, Power, Vinyasa and Ashtanga to name a few. Her class flow can range from a beginner’s class with postures broken down to fit any student, whether they are just starting out or working with an injury, to the most advanced student. She is currently an instructor at the Yoga Loft in Tampa, Florida where she assists in the 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training program. Over the years she has taught yoga in Japan, Thailand, The Bahamas and Costa Rica, not to mention all over the US. She has always had the desire to cultivate and expand her mind and body that started when she was younger with dance. She has found that yoga gave her the opportunity to strengthen her body, while nurturing her mind to find balance with in. She became interested in yoga when attending massage therapy school and it quickly became a life changing practice that she continues daily. 

Stephanie Piehl

Stephanie is forever a student of yoga. She is fascinated by the internal world that yoga has to offer and continues to grow and expand with her never ending journey. Two years ago Stephanie moved to Tampa from the suburbs of Chicago. Working in the corporate world, she found herself coming to the Yoga Loft every evening to release daily stress and regain her positive energy. Stephanie shortly after, enrolled in 200 hour teacher training to enrich her practice and deepen her knowledge of the practice. Her passion for yoga has only expanded and she continues to embrace her journey as it unfolds. Stephanie leads a heart opening, hatha inspired class that combines her deep love of movement with the breath in her practice of yoga. In her classes, students learn to embrace their divine essence within. Stephanie believes that through our own yoga practice we can open up as ourselves, let go and be who we truly are.

Vanessa Cohen

Vanessa has always had a passion for movement, starting in dance at the age of 5. She foundIMG_5127 yoga as a mental and physical release from the stresses of day to day life and in 2014 received her certification as a 200 RYT. As her interests in holistic healing grew, she also studied energy healing receiving her Reiki I & II certification, studied the use of aromatherapy and essential oils in yoga and massage, and found her passion for Yin and Restorative yoga while teaching at Yoga Loft Tampa. She will be pursuing her 500 RYT starting this March and is looking forward to learning more ways to help others heal both physically and emotionally.

Vanessa Rose Costanzo

After graduating college with a B.A in Psychology and Minor in Applied Dance, Vanessa briefly moved back home to New York and decided to start taking yoga for fun. As someone who had previously suffered from severe anxiety and depression, she began noticing and loving how calm she felt after each yoga class. Vanessa began regularly taking restorative yoga and noticed how peaceful she was after, and then eventually wanted to try all different types of yoga to see how it would affect her. From then on she was hooked on the feeling of excitement before class, challenge during class, and the peace that followed class. Vanessa knew right away that she wanted to share her love of yoga with others because of how healing it has been in her own life and to show the world that it is not just the physical practice, but a complete mind-body connection. Vanessa studied at The Lotus Pond in 2015 and also did a restorative yoga certification with Nancy Macdonald to deepen her practice. Vanessa’s classes are accessible to all levels with modifications to provide a safe atmosphere for her students. She incorporates breath-work and mantra for an overall grounding experience. Her classes are challenging, but great to build confidence in your own practice and peace in your mind.












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