Yoga Loft® Offers Yoga Teacher Training

200-Hour & 300-Hour YTT Approved by Yoga Alliance


Have you ever considered becoming a yoga teacher? Would you like to explore the philosophical aspects of yoga or deepen your personal practice?


Join Yoga Loft®‘s next 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training  starting in 2019! 

Space is limited to only 20 participants, so we advise pre-registration to hold your space for the upcoming fall program. Whether your intention is to teach or further develop your personal yoga practice, we invite all serious yogis to apply.

The concentrated areas of study include the philosophy of yoga; exploration of ancient texts such as the Bhagavad Gita, the Upanishads, and the Yoga Sutras of Patañjali; anatomy and physiology, covering extensively both the physical and energetic body;  Asanas (yoga postures); meditation; breathwork; mudra; and mantra. Asana will be broken down minutely and examined individually from standing and seated poses, to twists, arm balances, inversions and backbends. Also, different yoga sequences will be taught with a concentration on Sun and Moon Salutations.

This program requires a 200-hour commitment in order to be recognized by Yoga Alliance. The training will take place a total of 12 weekends over a 5 to 6 month duration. The training will meet every Friday from 7 – 9 PM, Saturday from 9 AM – 6 PM, and Sunday from 1 – 6 PM. Each weekend will consist of 15 hours of training, totaling 180 contact hours. Every session is mandatory to achieve a certificate of completion. Absences will need to be made up through workshops or private sessions and are subject to additional fees. 


Please feel free to email any questions along with your application ahead of time to The application consists of submitting a brief bio that provides a summary of your experience with yoga and what you seek to achieve from participating in this program.



Dates for the current Summer 2019 Yoga Teacher Training: 

May 31

June 1-2, 14-16, 28-30
July 12-14, 26-28
August 9-11, 23-25
September 6-8, 20-22
October 4-16, 18-20
12 x 15-hour sessions= 180 contact hours




“The YTT program at Yoga Loft Tampa has the potential to move your soul. This experience exceeded my expectations and became both a physical and spiritual journey. Through this process I now see life through a more beautiful lens. The instructors at this studio are intelligible, friendly and show genuine interest in your growth as a yogi. You will learn from a wide range of sources and receive a brilliantly crafted immersion into the core foundations of Hatha yoga. This program also incorporates yoga philosophy, anatomy, laughter yoga, prenatal yoga, chair yoga and yin. We even had an opportunity for SUP yoga! Yoga Loft is truly a safe space full of love. I am thankful to have met such wonderful people that I can now call friends. Yoga Loft’s YTT program will equip you with everything you need to be a successful yoga teacher and more.”

-Tavia Rahki



“Choosing to take the YTT at Yoga Loft in Tampa was one of the best decisions I’ve made for my spiritual growth. I was expecting to only receive training on yoga asana, and was  overjoyed to learn that I’d also be gaining knowledge in the areas of yoga philosophy, mantras, chakras, chanting, and meditation. As a recent graduate I can honestly say that the past six months of my life have changed dramatically. The instructors were all very supportive and you can tell that they are all interested in your growth and development. I can definitely see my growth and transformation, not only physically, but mentally and spiritually as well. I can hardly believe that at the beginning of this journey, I didn’t even want to teach yoga. I now know that it’s my duty to share yoga with the world. It was truly a life changing experience!”

-Kelly Benjamin



“I could say that the Teacher Training at Yoga Loft was a key to a new door for me. But in reality it was such a profound experience and introspective look into my ego and social habits, that it was actually more like a chisel than a key. A chisel to chip away at a brick wall that was a life-time of negative perspectives and learned behaviors that have kept me from achieving my full potential. Learning about my body was fascinating and eye opening – and learning about my spirit in relation to Myself and the Universal Self validated the quiet truths my subconscious has known all along. I honestly feel that my capacity to Love and Forgive is stronger and more sacred, and my knowledge of my physical body is much greater. If you are at a point in your life where you are ready to see the truths you innately  know, to look at yourself with love in all of your flaws and beauty alike, and learn how to get the most out of your personal yoga practice and help others as well, the program at Yoga Loft will give you some amazing tools to accomplish it. My tool was a chisel for a brick wall. For others it may be a bucket to bail out a sinking boat, or perhaps, a flint and steel to ignite an inner fire. As long as you are open to it, and ready to receive it, this is certainly the place to find it!”

Clancie Boire



“Choosing Yoga Loft Tampa’s 200 Hour YYT program was one of the best decisions I have ever made. The teaching program truly reveals the essence of yoga, and you really do unlearn everything you thought about yoga before! It is a humbling experience, as well as a magical one. Every teacher who is a part of this program has something different to offer in their teaching styles, and the knowledge they share. They are all amazing in their own unique way. Ashley Theiser is a women wise beyond her years and runs a great studio and program. Traveling from New York to start something new, I had never even attended a class at the studio before I chose it as my yoga school. I took a chance, and I played my cards right! I would not trade my experience in the Yoga Loft teacher training for anything! I also met some amazing friends and really bonded with all of the students, as well as the teachers. Even though it was a wonderful learning experience and I’m glad I am now a certified yoga teacher, I was truly heart broken when the training ended. This teacher training has started a new chapter of my life, and I am forever grateful.”

-Gianna Chisari


2015-08-07 21.11.29

“My daughter and I took the Yoga Loft Teacher Training 6 month course together. We had no idea how our lives would be impacted. In those 6 months, we found our hearts, voices, and spirit! We are forever changed through becoming yogis. It feels so good to be in this new skin. The best part was sharing the journey with my daughter. Everything we experienced translated into our lives. Our interpersonal relationships with work, school, family and especially each other improved dramatically. The way we view ourselves and the world is forever changed through yoga. We are living well and vibrating at a higher level. Thank you Ashley Thesier for offering this beautiful opportunity to all of those ready to receive, you are a Master at your craft, spinning a golden thread and I am so very grateful for you and everyone at the Yoga Loft that brings this to fruition.”

-Kellie Hawk & Ariel Murray




“It’s hard to put into words exactly what Yoga Loft’s yoga teacher training gave me. In a short 5 months, I gained knowledge I didn’t know I needed, confidence I never thought I could know, and friendships that will last a lifetime. I cannot imagine a more well-rounded program, and I would recommend it to anyone looking to deepen their practice or just have an awesome, soul-opening experience.”

-Kelly Ann Garno



“The YTT program at Yoga Loft is so much more than just learning how to teach yoga poses.  It’s a journey of self-exploration, self-discovery, growth, and connecting with other like-minded individuals.  The instructors are caring and knowledgeable, and they create a safe environment in which to explore and share.  Even if you do not plan on teaching, I would highly recommend this program for any individual who would like to deepen their knowledge of yoga, and deepen their knowledge of themselves.  I loved every moment of teacher training and have made so many great friendships.  The experience is one that I will treasure for a lifetime!”

-Tara Laval

osom erb2

“It was an amazing program. Ashley and her team of experienced yogis exposed us to so many different perspectives and lineages of yoga. From learning about chakras, to anatomy, to meditation, to philosophy, to sequencing a class, she focuses on teaching yoga in its entirety. Ashley takes time to organize her program and does everything in her power to accommodate the needs of her students. My personal practice is no longer empty, it is filled with life and meaning. I recommend Ashley’s life changing teacher training and personal exploration class to everyone. Everyone.”

– Erika Erb


osom mike

“The Yoga Loft is an amazing tribute to Yoga!”

– Michael Sparbeck


osom sabrina2

“Under the tutelage of Ashley Thesier, The Yoga Loft YTT 200 is an excellent program. I feel that we were prepared with yoga knowledge from anatomy, to history, to practice, teaching methods, and the business knowledge of yoga today. It is truly an exceptional program, where we built a yoga family and I feel prepared to enter the “real world” as a yoga teacher. Ashley and all of the teachers brought in are patient, knowledgeable and true practitioners. They do not make you feel intimidated and encourage each student to expand their skillset and to increase our knowledge and comfort level in each of the eight limbs of yoga. I valued the opportunity to explore other yoga styles including Tri, Ashtanga, laughter, Kundalini, pre-natal etc. The field trips we went on made this a really enjoyable class and got us to bond as a group. I definitely recommend The Yoga Loft’s teacher training program and will look to do any further certification hours with Ashley/The Yoga Loft.”

– Sabrina Johnson


osom vanc

“I loved every second of it (ok almost every second… moon salutations REALLY got to me! haha) I was told from the get to that it will change my life & it really has! I didn’t know what to expect, but I learned so much, met so many great people and even though I didn’t think I wanted to teach, I now teach once a week & love every second of it. Couldn’t say a bad word about the experience and I encourage anyone who’s even remotely interested to go for it. You won’t regret it, I promise!”

– Vanessa Cohen


osom Erinf2

“Wonderful teacher training program and an amazing experience. Would highly recommend this program.”

– Erin Ferroir


osom amber2“I had the most transcendental six months through my teacher training at Yoga Loft. Yoga opened up yet another doorway of perception in my mind. I run a nightclub for a living and it became the perfect place to ground me. Yoga Loft is the perfect place for those of us who live on or just prefer the fringe of the mainstream world. I know this has been one of my most important life altering experiences. As Ashley gracefully held space for us; she and the other amazing teachers taught us with ease, love, and wisdom. Now I know they are and have always been another part of my soul family. Shanti shanti shanti.”

– Amber Wilson


Cindy GradII

“If you are looking for a quality certified yoga training program – look no further than the Yoga Loft.  I did not know what to expect when I entered into the 200 YTT program in September 2013, however, my expectations definitely were met above and beyond imaginable.  The Yoga Loft’s certification program will inspire you and expose you to many different philosophies associated with yoga and meditation through highly experienced guest instructors.  The wealth of knowledge and training you receive from this program not only deepens your practice, you will feel drawn to share your newly found knowledge and passion with the world, just as I have.  Thank you so much Ashley and to the wonderful instructors that I have met over the last six months.  Namaste!”


joelle grad

“Through a meditation exercise I was able to release my fear of the dark. It may sound silly but the journey of yoga will allow you to release, expand, and explore every aspect of your life including the past, present, and future. This journey has lead me into a whole new life and I couldn’t be more excited to continue my journey.”

-Namaste, Joelle Palzer


shelley p w

“I didn’t show up my first day of class and wondered if my dad was right after all about this yoga thing…” The gravity of her words brought the whole room to a stand still, like when the scene in a movie freezes to capture that one tight shot. There in that space and time, that moving reel of my life came to a screeching halt with such force that the wind was knocked out of me.  I imagine this is what was also playing out in the heads, minds, and undoubtedly hearts of the other 20 or so yogi hopefuls huddled on the studio floor of the Yoga Loft.  It is the same floor, which had seen too many classes and workshops to count and now had become our refuge and haven less than two weeks shy from our yoga teacher graduation, the third one since the Yoga Loft’s Teacher Training inception. I pan the room full of blank stares and AWAY-ness indicative of all the different what-if scenarios simultaneously unfolding in each of our heads.

What if she had taken her dad’s advice?  What would that have meant to us coming to the bittersweet close of our six months together where a carefully crafted soul tribe had formed. A place where we had entered only months before with so many expectations and pre-conceived notions of what it was we had signed up for, to deepen our practice, learn the art of speaking Sanskrit, find ourselves in intricate pretzel like shapes or for some of us to possibly teach.  Where today, now, it all seemed frivolous and superficial like a beauty queen answer during a pageant, “ I just want to save the world” when in essence we had come to save ourselves. We became the witness to each other’s uniqueness and special giftings carved from that awkward day one. We witnessed one another’s evolution just as much as our own finding the ONEness in a silent, meditative room that often spilled over into blinding tears and cracked open hearts, which revealed our courage and strength to go beyond our mats and go within, no matter how scary it was. And in those tender moments I learned to BE with what is. To mourn what was no more and find strength and beauty in the Infinite Possibilities of what could BE!

I thought it a sick joke and quite humorous that my teacher and guide for the last six months, Ashley Thesier almost didn’t make it here because she too feared, wasn’t sure and battled with the isms… the isms that danced around like sugar plums in my own head… all the not ENOUGHisms that made me question… how dare you SHOW UP… who are you to teach?  You haven’t been doing this long ENOUGH. You don’t know ENOUGH. You’re not Ready. You’re flow isn’t PERFECT…. In that moment and like so many times before, her transparency throughout the program, her perfectly IMPERFECT flaws challenged me to TRY again, to BE again, the next day and the next day after that! It bellowed, if I just SHOWED UP with all that I had at any given moment, genuinely, vulnerably and authentically BEING me and no one else, yielding love and light, then this path would unfold.  Move me into this practice that begins to feel like that beautiful, catchy song you never quite know the title to or all of the words but you always pick it up right at the chorus and even though your offbeat it still feels and sounds good to you!  So you get brave and decide to sing it outside of the shower, maybe while you’re driving in your car or at the dinner table.  You don’t care if anyone’s looking anymore, and this time if dad doesn’t approve it doesn’t matter.  Because it just feels right − that knowing in your soul without 101 details but just the ONE reason why you must continue to swallow the fear doing the somersaults in your stomach and do it anyway with a cottony mouth and perspiring pits. You realize you couldn’t have it any other way.

This journey of six months had far surpassed any of our expectations of learning Sanskrit, bending into intricate pretzel like shapes and being ZEN 24-7. It was all about BECOMING more of ourselves without apology to others but more important without apology to ourselves for a past where we had once resided in the shadow of a story, that had been told to us, about us by someone else. In that moment and beyond, when I stood with my soul tribe of Yogis in front of the Temple, sweet tears flowing because of the AWEsomeNESS of what it all meant when my teacher and guide Ashley called my name to present me my certificate and wrapped loving, knowing arms around me, it signified it was ok to SHOW UP even with my isms and just CHOOSE to walk out MY WHOLEness daily and tell my own story. I am forever indebted and grateful to Ashley’s choice all those many years ago because it represents all of the many lives including my own her choosing to SHOW UP has served. Yes, if you attend Yoga Loft Teacher Training you will learn Sanskrit, as well as cool poses, and the myth about ZEN 24-7, but more than anything with Ashley and the dynamic team of lead teachers she has assembled through the Yoga Loft you will learn the Sankrit, the Asana, the Heart and Spirit which is… YOU!”

– Shelley Parris Williams, Holistic Well-BEING Coach, CNHP, CPT, RYT-200



“My experience with my yoga teacher training at the Yoga Loft was one of the best experiences of my life, and with out a doubt one of the best decisions I have ever made.  I signed up and started the program thinking it was just a lesson on how to teach poses, and by the time I finished I can honestly say it completely changed my life. I loved every moment with Ashley, as well as the guest speakers she chose to share with us. I met some wonderful people, and it has opened new doors for me.”

– Roxana Bennett


morgan“Back in the early days of my yoga practice I mostly fended for myself, trying to decipher statements like, “If you have a headstand practice, you can come into the pose now.” Utterly confused, I would ask myself the obvious question. And what if you don’t have a headstand practice? Are you supposed to try and figure it out by yourself, or are you stuck on the yoga bench for life?

Turns out I needed the Yoga Loft’s 200hr RYT training to explain the hows and whys of what we’re doing. Ashley does a marvelous job of conveying both the mechanics and the reasoning behind asana while empowering the students with the skills and knowledge to practice so much more. Going into the training, I had no idea my (or other classmates’) practice would develop to the level it has, a beautiful display of consciousness and clarity.

Regardless of your goal to teach your passion or simply deepen your practice, it’s clear Ashley teaches the heart of the practice. I would entrust her all over again to help guide me through the infinite, murky world of yoga. Yoga is a state of union with the Self, not as we wish it were but as it is, perfectly, in this moment. It’s only from this place of profound acceptance that we can move forward. I feel incredibly lucky to be moving forward with the Yoga Loft’s RYT experience. Thank you, Ashley, and my fellow classmates!”

– Morgan Zinsli


Bruce3I’m Not Perfect, But That’s Okay

“I have been an athlete all of my life in various activities, and in 2011 I was training for bicycle racing and triathlon competitions. While riding my bicycle one early Sunday morning I was hit by a car and suffered traumatic brain injury (TBI). At the time, if asked, I would have said that I lost a lot that day. I lost my job at a Tampa law firm that I had worked at for twenty years, I lost my ability to cycle, run and swim­—to be an athlete in general. After many months of inactivity and solitude I was introduced to yoga. I started to go to the Saturday morning community class in Ybor which is sponsored by the Yoga Loft. One Saturday, Ashley came over and talked to me and invited me to practice at her studio for free in her Tuesday class. That is the way she is, friendly, out-going and always wanting to share yoga with others.

I continued yoga practice and in doing so began to get a sense of balance again. The symptoms of TBI began to diminish—headaches were less and the anxiety I had was becoming something of the past. With this newness of life, I realized I wanted to help others with injury, especially those with TBI. I wanted everyone, injured or not to feel the benefits of the breath and yoga. I believed the only way to help others was to become a yoga teacher but I questioned who would take me, a person with TBI, into a training program. I met with Ashley to talk to her about it and I knew from the moment we discussed training, I wanted her as my teacher. She took a personal interest in my yoga practice. I was learning to use my breath as a guide and do my yoga, not anyone elses. The old athlete inside of me wanted to go faster, push harder and stronger, rather I was guided by Ashley to look inside, be kind to myself and to know that everything we need is already within us. Backing off was a hard concept for me and still is at times.  Yet, thanks to Ashley, I am in better shape now than I was as a competitive athlete—not only on the outside, but on the inside as well.

What I have learned most significantly in teacher training is how to love myself. Without loving oneself, you cannot love others. All things happen for a reason. Am I glad I was hit by a car that morning—no—am I glad it led me to self discovery and to the Yoga Loft and teacher training – definitely.”

– Cheers, Bruce Cameron



“I work from home sitting at a desk and staring at a computer all day and some of the time, even into the night and weekends. I began telling myself that I will not be able to do this type of work for the remainder of my working life which if the Spirit desires is a long way off. I had been practicing yoga regularly to keep movement in my body and soul. Thoughts of studying yoga to gain a deeper connection in life and while thinking about my future career, I began looking around at the various yoga teacher training programs in my area.

Last year, Ashley invited me over to her studio to discuss my interest in yoga teacher training. I fell in love with her studio “Yoga Loft”.  There was something very mystical that I saw in Ashley. I left our meeting sharing with friends and family that Ashley was the most organic person I had come into contact after returning to Florida. Ashley lived up to my observation by showing me how she cared for humanity and is willing to give back what she has earned in her life. Throughout Yoga Loft 200 – level teacher training, Ashley nurtured and supported everyone in her class. This is not to say that she allowed anyone to completely depend on her but she demonstrated the philosophy of yoga in a way that has allowed me to build my confidence so that I can maximize my potential as a yoga teacher and healer as I move into a new career during a stage of life where many people are nearing retirement.

Ashley is dedicated to helping her students learn and she is a reliable teacher. She taught me about the necessity to “feel” a dynamic flow in your own body while moving through a yoga asana before working into a lifetime dedication practicing a static form of a yoga asana that leads to a quiet and meditative place within my body and soul. Therefore my sense about her being an organic person is confirmed. I am so grateful to have met and received my 200 – level yoga teacher certification from Ashley at the Yoga Loft in Ybor City, Florida.”

– Karen Wilbanks, MA,RN,BSN,CRRN,RYT – 200


KellieSo I figured: I am unemployed and immersing myself in yoga, why not sign up for Y.T.T.

I had been practicing at the museum for a while and found out that Ashley had a 200 Hr Program.  Bingo, I signed up.  Then 2 of my besties decided to join in, bonus!

We have started our journeys together but still walk our own paths.  The strong support we have for each other is amazing and it only grew stronger through the program!  We are more able than ever to speak the truth with one another, practicing Satya (truthfulness) with Ahimsa (non-violence).   For me, I wanted to learn to deepen my practice and learn the yogi way.  I have learned so much more and have woken up to a life that was happening right in front of me!  Ashley has helped me to learn to listen, be patient and allow things to be as they should be.  That is what has deepened my practice.  She has also given me the tools to start my journey of teaching others how to find themselves on the mat.  Now that’s the yogi way!  Whether you want to teach or not, sign up – it will change your life!”

– Kellie Hall


Yoga Teach Training | Tampa | Vivian“Teacher training with the Yoga Loft has not only transformed the way I teach yoga and my own practice, but the way I live my life. Ashley is a true modern yogini; she lives very much on this earth and yet has a deep awareness of the full potential we each share. Her humility allows her to transcend egos and doubt to deliver the ultimate message of hope – the divine is within us, always has been and always will be. She has a remarkable way of simplifying ancient philosophy and adds depth to age-old texts.

On a more practical level, Ashley provides a wealth of teaching genius. As a massage therapist, her understanding of the body grants insight into yoga as therapy. With over a decade of experience, she offers tips on modifications, assists, and prop usage.

Above all else, Ashley is committed to providing quality education through the Yoga Loft Teacher Training Program. She carefully selects a broad range of experiences to expose her students to as many teachers and techniques as possible.

If you are considering Yoga Alliance certification, I absolutely urge you to choose the Yoga Loft for an experience that will make you an excellent yoga teacher and will change your life.”

-Vivian Viejo


Scarlet 2“Since the first time I practiced yoga, I instantly knew it would be something I would seek training in later on in life.  This past year I started getting an itch for yoga teacher training and began looking online to compare different programs.  Interestingly enough, the first one I came across was the Yoga Loft teacher training.  I found that there was an information session just days away.  It seemed too good to be true, so being the analytical person that I am, I continued my research despite the gut feeling that I had already found the right fit for me.  I emailed Ashley with many questions and concerns, and even asked her if I could attend two classes at her studio for free in order to make a decision.  She was very willing to work with my apprehension.  Her patience and amiable nature aided immensely in the decision process.  Not to mention, after taking one of her classes, I knew her teaching style was exactly what I was searching for.  In the past, I only felt the spiritual aspects of yoga in my home practice.  Ashley is a unique instructor in that she teaches yoga with authenticity, never casting aside the true purpose for yoga.  I often find yoga instructors saying things like, “You won’t find any oming here.  This is strictly exercise.”  For me, this was disheartening as I am a very spiritual person, and I have always found exercising to be quite tedious without dedicating my practice to God.

During Ashley’s information session, she mentioned that the focus would not just be on the asanas, but that her training would cover all relevant material for the aspiring yogi.  I was a bit hesitant to enroll, because I felt confident that I was only struggling with the asana part of yoga.  However, a soft whisper guided me to the final decision to go for it!  I quickly found that despite being very reflective and intuitive, I was still a relatively ignorant yogi.  Ashley’s program taught me more than I could have ever imagined.  I feel it has not only made me a wiser yogi, but has improved my other roles as well.  I feel like a better English teacher, friend, daughter, sister, aunt, and most importantly, I feel even closer to God.

Because my Master’s degree is in education and I have a full time job teaching, I am not proud to say that I can be quite judgmental of other teachers.  I was surprised to find that Ashley’s teaching style was flawless.  She had numerous experts come in to teach us various aspects of yoga that would be relevant to us.  She even asked for feedback or suggestions many times throughout the training to see if there were any concepts or styles we hadn’t covered that we would like to review before completing the training.  She was quick to incorporate those activities.  She was such a patient, flexible, inspiring instructor, I am truly sad that our training is coming to a close.  I was so nervous to commit to the training due to many other obligations, but I am so grateful that I committed, because I quickly found that nothing was more important to me than being a part of my Yoga Loft teacher training.  I can’t wait for Ashley to offer a 500 hour training!”

– Scarlett


beccalove“When I came to Yoga Loft, I was pretty confident in my “yogi skills.”  My background in gymnastics and dance gave me a formidable foundation in flexibility and strength.  To be frank I thought I was pretty awesome, and I made it a point to pick out the most advanced yogi in the room to see if I could “beat” them.  The fact that there were no mirrors in the Yoga Loft studio made that activity a bit more challenging, but like I said, I’m pretty fantastic, so I was still able to look around and check out the other yogis, even when I was balancing in tree pose.  I can’t say I was surprised when Trevor Gribble asked me if I had ever considered teaching yoga.  I mean, after all, I could do all those cool acrobatic yoga tricks ‘no prob’, and I happen to be a teacher for my profession so it seemed like a natural fit.  Let’s face it, the yoga world needed me….

Day one of yoga teacher training was not what I expected.  “Aren’t we going to learn amazing Cirque du Soleil poses so we can impress our future students???  No?  Okay, we have to learn this philosophy stuff?  I guess it’s pretty interesting.  I can handle this.” As timed passed, the more I learned about yoga, the more I realized I had yet to learn.  To my surprise, it turns out that yoga isn’t about competing to see who can twist their bodies into the most pretzel-like forms.  Through the yoga teacher training I discovered a spirituality in yoga that I never knew existed.  My practice has evolved to include a tranquility that has permeated my life off the mat. Looking back, the teacher training definitely wasn’t what I had anticipated.  I just didn’t know how little I knew.  Ashley Thesier exposed us to a variety of topics and ideologies by bringing in an abundance of guest speakers and teachers.  Her passion for yoga is evident in the dedication she shows to the program and her students.  The experience has broadened my perspectives, deepened my practice, and made me a better person.    I wouldn’t change it for the world. I figured out that yoga doesn’t need me, I need yoga…  And so does everyone else.”

– Becca Rouch


Yoga Teach Training | Tampa | Nicole“I decided to sign up for the 200 hour teaching training program at the Yoga Loft because I wanted to deepen my practice. The program exceeded my expectations and I have learned so much. Ashley does an amazing job of providing all the tools necessary and much much more. Even if you don’t plan to ever teach a day in your life I highly recommend this life changing experience to everyone!”

-Nicole Whiting


Yoga Teach Training | Tampa | JimOk, so here goes. In writing about the Yoga teacher training, the most difficult part of it is getting anyone to really understand what It did for me.  I came to it thinking I was going to learn to do Yoga better. Its true I did, I tried things even against the advice of my Dr. and I did them. You know why I did…Simple. I not only learned to do Yoga better, but I learned to trust the people within my program…Especially Ashley.  She said I could do it so I said, I will give it a try. Most importantly, I learned a lot about myself and the people in my life. I also learned a lot about how people really feel about themselves in this class.  It taught me non-judgement and patience. It taught me that most of my limits really are set by me.

I have a long way to go before I could consider myself a teacher. That is a good thing, the humility that the program has given me is priceless. I am thrilled to be a forever student. Makes me realize that I and everyone are just students in life. YTT will make you realize this.. The work I did with my classmates is proof of this.. I saw myself and them all change. The people I met in my class are my friends. We got to know each other without motive or judgement. Ashley is special. She really has no clue how priceless she or what she has created is. Anyone interested in viewing life from a different perspective should take the course. Whatever your reason for taking the class initially, will be wrong, but along the way it will be alright. You will learn about responsibility to yourself and to others and whatever is eating you will not bite as hard. Can’t put a price on it.

In all my thrill seeking endeavors I can honestly say my Yoga teacher training so far has been the best thing I have ever done.  All positive, no negative. I really want to thank all my classmates for accepting me and helping me. Through our experience I have developed a deep admiration for all of you and your experiences, and I can say you are my friends. Ashley allowed all this to happen. Anyone reading this, dont think twice. Do like me, dont think just sign up. Like Yoga, what I wrote makes no sense but trust me, go through it and you will get it.”

“P.S. If you ever come to a class that I teach and you leave confused…Its on me not Ashley :)”

– Jim Kelly



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