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Posted by ashley October 15, 2012

Alexander Healey

After practicing for many years I began my search of a teacher training program that would fit me. A program that was in depth enough for me to have the time to discover who I was, what yoga meant to me, and how to express my love of yoga to the world.

The Yoga Loft kind of came in to my world, and when I met Ashley I knew my life would forever be changed. This program has enabled me to look deeper in to my own being, to look at my own emotions, and hang ups. It has taught me to truly hold space with another human, and be there to listen and accept. My eyes have been opened to history, culture, philosophy, and have developed my understanding of asana and spirituality. Learning to soften, be kind to myself, to be playful, to feel. These are the greatest gifts I have been given.

The journey started at the yoga loft, It’s a powerful one. One I would recommend to anyone.


Rebecca Rouch

“When I came to Yoga Loft, I was pretty confident in my “yogi skills.”  My background in gymnastics and dance gave me a formidable foundation in flexibility and strength.  To be frank I thought I was pretty awesome, and I made it a point to pick out the most advanced yogi in the room to see if I could “beat” them.  The fact that there were no mirrors in the Yoga Loft studio made that activity a bit more challenging, but like I said, I’m pretty fantastic, so I was still able to look around and check out the other yogis, even when I was balancing in tree pose.  I can’t say I was surprised when Trevor Gribble asked me if I had ever considered teaching yoga.  I mean, after all, I could do all those cool acrobatic yoga tricks ‘no prob’, and I happen to be a teacher for my profession so it seemed like a natural fit.  Let’s face it, the yoga world needed me….

Day one of yoga teacher training was not what I expected.  “Aren’t we going to learn amazing Cirque du Soleil poses so we can impress our future students???  No?  Okay, we have to learn this philosophy stuff?  I guess it’s pretty interesting.  I can handle this.”

As timed passed, the more I learned about yoga, the more I realized I had yet to learn.  To my surprise, it turns out that yoga isn’t about competing to see who can twist their bodies into the most pretzel-like forms.  Through the yoga teacher training I discovered a spirituality in yoga that I never knew existed.  My practice has evolved to include a tranquility that has permeated my life off the mat.

Looking back, the teacher training definitely wasn’t what I had anticipated.  I just didn’t know how little I knew.  Ashley Thesier exposed us to a variety of topics and ideologies by bringing in an abundance of guest speakers and teachers.  Her passion for yoga is evident in the dedication she shows to the program and her students.  The experience has broadened my perspectives, deepened my practice, and made me a better person.    I wouldn’t change it for the world. I figured out that yoga doesn’t need me, I need yoga…  And so does everyone else.”



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