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Posted by ashley July 6, 2016

Finding Inner Peace through Meditation

Sunday, July 10th from 7-8:30PM

From the Tibetan Buddhist philosophy’s point of view, meditation implies habituating the mind to a state of peace and wisdom. All of Buddha”s teachings are aimed at meditation, and he explained in a very precise way how the mind functions. Through a better understanding of the positive, neutral and negative aspects of our mind, we can gradually become our own true guide and master and create our own happiness.

Lama Samten was born in Tibet and became a monk at the age of 15. He escaped to India to pursue his studies, as did H.H. Dalai-Lama. After 17 years of intensive Buddhist philosophy studies, he received the title of Geshe, or Buddhist philosophy Doctor. Lama Samten shares with immense joy and love these ancient teachings, and will do it for the first time in Florida, accompanied by his assistant Jason Simard. Welcome to all, beginners or advanced!

Investment: $15

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