Yoga 101

Posted by Tracy Reid May 3, 2017

Sun Salutations are considered to be a part of the foundation for an asana (physical) yoga practice. They are most commonly used to build heat in the body at the beginning of your practice, however with modifications can really become a sole focus as well. Let’s just say after a couple of Sun Sals you will… Read More

Posted by ashley July 10, 2014

  Why Meditation Works The benefits of mediation are profound. Yogis have known this for centuries and scientists can now prove it. It is suggested that meditation is potentially the most effective way to harness the thought process, improving one’s sense of clarity, peace and happiness. Scientific research on mediation has proven that daily practice… Read More

Posted by ashley July 3, 2014

Are you curious about the healing benefits of yoga? Perhaps you’ve always wanted to try yoga but lacked the confidence to take that first class. Maybe you’ve been away from your mat for a while and are seeking some motivation to recommit to your practice. Or, possibly you’re looking for knowledge to deepen your current… Read More