Posted by ashley March 1, 2012

A big man who occasionally forgets his yoga clothes after work, not only has Jeff been the most-visited student for each of the past 4 months, but he’s also the #1 recipient of our size XL Yoga Loft T-Shirts. Jeff has been averaging over 15 classes per month and his practice has  grown accordingly.  From headstand… Read More

Posted by ashley February 21, 2012

It’s been a few weeks in the works as Trevor rediscovered his dormant web design magic, but we’re happy to finally be live with our brand new site! This website is blog-driven and will be updated all the time with the latest news about our studio, upcoming events, recaps, blog posts, and other fancy tidbits… Read More

Posted by ashley February 10, 2012

Ashley recently had the opportunity to tap into her wealth of knowledge of asana to pen a few articles for the local Tampa Bay Wellness Magazine. Here are her wonderful descriptions of getting into the challenging poses of Eka Pada Rajakapotasana (King Pigeon) and Bhujapidasana.  Enjoy! FYI: The bottom caption forgot to add that she… Read More

Posted by ashley February 4, 2012

Big thanks to Austin for gracing our recent Saturday afternoon class with a beautiful rendition of Bach during savasana.  Doesn’t get any better than this to relax and let go with some vibrational healing.  Whenever our great friends from USF orchestra make it through we know we’re in for a good class!

Posted by ashley November 17, 2011

Ashley and Trevor were recently lucky enough to head up to Mort Elementary School in Hillsborough County to teach a yoga class to kindergartners who had never experienced yoga before in their lives. It was an interesting challenge as the kids were quite hyper and wanted to jump all around from pose to pose instead… Read More