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Posted by ashley February 2, 2012

We all know you’re going to party all Day & Night on St Patrick’s Day..what better way to detox than join Trevor’s infamous “Get over the Hangover” class for a special 2-Hour edition the day after. Don’t worry, it’s not happening til 5PM, so plenty of time to lay in bed all day on this lazy Sunday. Lots of detox postures, as well as some long, slow, deep postures to rid yourself of all the crap in your body and prepare for the week ahead!

**Note that the 1PM yin/restorative class on Sunday the 18th will be cancelled in lieu of this special event.  You can RSVP here.

Posted by ashley November 30, 2011

Yoga Loft is incredibly thankful for Kirtananda joining us the day after Thanksgiving for our special Giving Thanks Kirtan. The music was fantastic and the crowd was full of energy. Can’t wait to see you guys the next time.  Check out the highlight video!

Posted by ashley November 17, 2011

Ashley and Trevor were recently lucky enough to head up to Mort Elementary School in Hillsborough County to teach a yoga class to kindergartners who had never experienced yoga before in their lives. It was an interesting challenge as the kids were quite hyper and wanted to jump all around from pose to pose instead of hanging out in an asana for any extended period of time. Eventually, after tiring themselves out from jumping into every pose imaginable (with a special preference for ananda balasana – happy baby!), they all enjoyed a beautiful “do-nothing-pose” of savasana. From start to finish, it was a great deal of fun and we’re very excited to partake again next year (as well as any other philanthropic opportunities that arise along the way). For more pictures of the event, check out the facebook album!

Posted by ashley November 13, 2011

Celebrating 11/11/11, Yoga Loft held a special Manifestation workshop organized by Maggie Batt. Over 25 of our friends came through on Friday night to partake in the unique occasion. Kirtan, Meditation, and Musical Performances gave way to a night of fun and exuberance. We hope you’re able to join us for our next big event the day after Thanksgiving.  Check out a couple pics from the evening.