Yoga Loft®’s 300-Hour Yoga Teacher Training

 Approved by Yoga Alliance

Are you looking to deepen your training and exploration of the eight-limbed system of yoga? Do you want to refine your teaching skills and cultivate your own unique teaching style and voice?

Join Yoga Loft®’s next 300-Hour Yoga Teacher Training starting in February 2018! The purpose of this program is for all participants to deepen their understanding and experience of the eight-limbed system of yoga through lecture, direct inquiry, movement and student teaching. In addition, the program will help participants cultivate greater self-awareness and their own unique teaching style. This training is a unique experience open to all 200-Hour RYT that want to delve deeper into their yoga practice. Space is limited to only 20 participants, so we advise pre-registration to hold your space for the upcoming program.

The concentrated areas of study include a deeper literary analysis of the Vedas and other ancient texts, the energetic body and how to work with energy, anatomy and physiology, different approaches to teaching asanas and modifications using props, asana targeted for specific areas of the body and bodily ailments, tools for tracking emotions and finding resolutions, nonviolent communication, restorative approaches to yoga, the practice of pranayama and meditation, and refining your teaching skills and developing your own unique teaching style and voice.

This program requires a 300-hour commitment in order to be recognized by Yoga Alliance. The training will meet 1 weekend a month for a 19-month duration. The training will meet every Friday from 7 – 9 PM, Saturday from 9 AM – 6 PM, and Sunday from 1 – 6 PM consisting of 15 hours of training.  Every session is mandatory to achieve a certificate of completion. Absences will need to be made up with our primary instructor Ashley Thesier (E-RYT 500), and are subject to additional fees. 


Please feel free to email any questions along with your application to The application consists of submitting a brief bio that provides a summary of your experience with yoga, your training in yoga, and what you seek to achieve from participating in this program.



 Dates for the 300-Hour Yoga Teacher Training:


Feb: 16-18

Mar: 16-18

April: 13-15

May: 11-13

June: 8-10

July: 6-8

Aug: 3-5, 31

Sept: 1-2 & 28-29

Oct: 26-28

Nov: 16-18

Dec: 7-9

Jan: 4-6

Feb 1-3

Mar: 1-3 &29-31


May: 24-26


19 weekends x 15 hrs = 285 contact hours 



“My 300 hour YTT experience was like nothing I expected. I was focused on learning about the asana practice, the “teachings” of yoga and meeting new people, finding a sense of community during my 200 hour YTT. Little did I know that signing up for the 300-hour would forever change my perspective and me. This year has led me to accept who I am and be happy with about that, reach for who I want to be and not feel ashamed and better yet surround myself with those who love and respect me. This experience has brought acknowledgement of my behavior and actions to surface with a better understanding of why I am the way I am. I have found comfort in myself and am at ease with the outside world that surrounds me because of where I have been guided throughout this training. Yoga is not just about asana, teaching the most profound class and wearing the cutest yoga leggings. It’s about the mind, the body and the internal force that connects us to each other. We’re all just humans, making our pathway through this life. I am forever grateful for Ashley, the Yoga Loft and my fellow peers for leading me that much closer to mine.”

-Stephanie Piehl



“I am so extremely grateful to have been able to take part in this 300 hour training program at the Yoga Loft. Over the past year, I feel as though my thought patterns and perceptions of the world have changed drastically for the better along with the skillful and detailed instruction in yoga philosophy, asana, meditation, pranayama, and communication skills comprising this program. A variety of highly skilled and specialized instructors were included across the year giving us very detailed and advanced skills in each of these areas deepening our personal practice and enriching our teaching skills. When I finally began to teach yoga regularly toward the end of this year-long training, I found myself bursting with ideas for yoga sequences every week and equally able to modify a class on the spot to meet my students’ needs. I continue to feel excited to address the challenge of making yoga asana accessible to all types of bodies because I have the training and knowledge to do so successfully!”

-Amanda Hanson





Yoga Loft’s Yoga Alliance School Registry ID is 84874 and you can find us officially listed on the Yoga Alliance website by searching for schools in Tampa, FL. 


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