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Posted by ashley July 3, 2014


Are you curious about the healing benefits of yoga? Perhaps you’ve always wanted to try yoga but lacked the confidence to take that first class. Maybe you’ve been away from your mat for a while and are seeking some motivation to recommit to your practice. Or, possibly you’re looking for knowledge to deepen your current practice with the intention to attain a more healing focus. If any of these statements ring true to you keep reading to discover the many ways yoga can truly heal both your body and mind.

Yoga, by definition, is a practice that creates unity between the body and mind. A disconnect between body and mind can cause an imbalance, the body can become stressed, fatigued and even ill. When you unify your body and mind, through yoga, a healing process takes place. Your body begins to repair itself and your life naturally becomes balanced. Committing yourself to yoga can truly help you to feel healthier, happier and calmer.

Choosing to commit to yoga teaches you how to be kind to your body, creating long lasting mind and body wellness. As you practice yoga you will learn how to reconnect your body and mind to achieve the balance and well-being you’re seeking. With time and dedication you will not only notice the results that yoga has been proven to provide but your friends and family will also. What are you waiting for? Check our schedule to find a class that you can attend here: (insert link)

15 Ways Yoga Heals

1. Yoga brings awareness to your breathing, the single most important thing you do each day.

2. Yoga can help you to gain clarity, allowing your mind to relax and your heart to open.

3. Yoga can help you stay connected to yourself, to look inward, teaching you to put your needs first.

4. Yoga can help you move towards a more positive inner-dialogue and help open your mind to more positive feelings such as inspiration, joy and gratitude.

5. Yoga can help you to cope better over time with the stress of everyday life and traumas.

6. Yoga can rebalance your body’s immune system, helping to heal illnesses. 

7. Yoga can bring your awareness to tension in your body, allowing you to let it go.

8. Yoga can increase strength and flexibility, in both your body and mind.

9. Yoga twists can make you feel stronger and better equipped to cope with life’s unexpected twists and turns.

10. Yoga balancing poses can help you to get out of your head and into your body. 

11. The meditation that follows your yoga class awakens the healing wisdom and inner peace within your body and mind.

12. Yoga can heal by allowing you to reconnect with your intuition, dreams and goals. 

13. Yoga classes are a great place to meet new, like-minded friends.

14. Yoga introduces you to countless travel destinations, as yoga retreats are held all around the world.

15. Practicing yoga consistently will help you to discover what makes you really happy, and give you the confidence to continuously pursue your happiness. 

Written by Jaye Geisler

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